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All Postage Meters connect to a Data-center linked to Australia Post, and are able to download bulk amounts of Postage via an internal modem or a live internet connection. Credit must be available in your account in order to download postage, credit for the machine can be obtained via a standard Australia Post Business account, EFT payments, or a direct debit facility.

“Why isn’t my machine working? “

There are many reasons machine have faults, here are some of the most common.  

  • Changes to a Telephone system.
  • Power Cables not connected properly.
  • Envelope or paper jam’s. (switching the machine off & on again can often rectify jams & communication issues)
  • Run out of ink
  • Run out of Postage Credit
  • Lost security key, or access card

Feel free to contact us at any time, as many problems can easily be rectified over the telephone.

Wireless Downloads For FP Postbase


Postbase can be easily connected to your WiFi via our wireless adapter. See our easy set-up instructions.

VONETSWi-Fi AdapterSetup


    FP Navigator & Mailcredit – Features


    FP Navigator-user-manual

    Download Navigator Basic

    FP Navigator Features

    Control your PostBase Postage Meter and accounting in detail for your postage spend

    • Easy to use interface to control your PostBase using a larger screen. (Navigator plus software for franking machines)
    • Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8 (Can run on a tablet touch PC).
    • Remote control of the PostBase Postage Meter.
    • Change SMS text messages to be printed on letters.
    • Account for every department postage spends in full detail.
    • Export postage data into your preferred accounts package.
    • Customise your PostBase Postage Meter home screen.
    • Add shortcuts to your PostBase franking machine home screen.
    • Clear and easy to use interface.
    • You can customise the display of the PostBase Postage Meter using Navigator Plus.

    Full postage accounting using Navigator Plus and export into your preferred accounting software (Navigator screen)

    FP Navigator Plus will run on windows PC’s including Windows 8 as well as touchscreen tablet PC’s


        Installation support

     If your version of FP Navigator does not run please install the following:

    Download NavigatorPlus

    1 – Microsoft .net framework 4.0

    2 – NavigatorPlus base 32 setup

                                              base 64 setup

    3 – NavigatorPlus setup

    If we haven’t solved your problem, please contact us!  1300 943 274


    Mailcredit is a small application which is downloaded to a Windows PC, it allows Ultimail Postage Meters to download Postage and Australia Post updates.

    The Ultimail Postage Meter is simply connected to the PC via a specific USB cable, however, the application will only work once the Ultimail Meter has to be configurated.

    Please contact us for more information: 1300 943 274


    Mailcredit Downloads

    Mailcredit loader – zip

    Pl-2303-Driver-Installer.Exe_ (3)

    Parcel Prices

    Calculate Parcel Prices Instantly From Your Office!


    Parcel Prices Are Instantly Calculated With A Postage Meter

    Whether you’re sending multiple parcels or they are simply a small part of your weekly mail, a Postage Meter will not only calculate Parcel Prices instantly it will also print the postage required for your mail without the need to travel to a Post Office or to store hundreds of dollars worth of stamps in your office. Buy your Postage online 24/7 and print the Postage for anything you’re mailing instantly.

    How To Use A Postage Meter To Calculate Parcel Prices?

    • Select parcels from the touchscreen menu.
    • Place the Parcel onto the Built-in Scales.
    • Print the postage onto a label and attach it to your Parcel.
    • Receive a discount on your postage.
    • Place the parcel into any Letter Box or take it to a Post Office.

    It’s a simple and efficient process which saves both money and lots of time!

    All Mail Is Discounted When You Use A Postage Meter!

    You receive a 2.5% rebate on all postage used, therefore a small parcel under 500gms which costs $7.90 to send through a Postage Meter represents a saving of at least 20c per Parcel, once the rebate is taken into account, sending larger parcels, will, of course, save you even more.

    Using Satchels through a Postage Meter can also save a considerable amount on Parcel Prices as Sachels are a set price regardless of where they a being sent within Australia.


    Read the Australia Post fact sheet to learn more about Satchel Post and Express Post, Postage Meters can also send ‘Express Post’ items, meaning you can use any plain Envelope, Parcel or Satchel as an “Express Post’ item more detail on this are available on the Australia Post download attached.


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