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The Worlds First Fully Adaptable Postage Meter!

Because the Postbase is a (Smart) Postage Meter, the basic Postbase 30 can be expanded to handle high volumes at any time via an online software upgrade.

The NEW Postbase Postage Meter Can Increase Capacity Anytime You Need It To.

If your business expands or requires higher specifications, the Postbase can  be ramped up to include an automatic envelope feeder, added software services such as accounts, cost centres, logo’s, Postage Scale capacity, text messages and more.


The Postbase Postage Meter is (IoT) ready with the ability to purchase postage, report ink levels, service issues, and usage data all remotely. With animated instructions, one button operation, and a full-colour touch screen, using the Postbase Postage Meter becomes a simple and pleasurable experience.

New Postbase Mini

Does your office only send a few standard letters?

How do you calculate postage prices for Large Letters? – Parcels? – International items and other Australia Post Products?

Did you know most Australia Post products can be processed via a Postage Meter and simply dropped into any Post Box eliminating the need to travel to a Post Office completely?                  

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The New Postbase Mini Is Ideal For Businesses Sending As Little As 5 Items Per Day!

Small Cost – Big Features! 


Why Use A Postage Meter?

  • It’s easy – simply post your mail in any street posting box.
  • No minimum volume.
  • No need for barcoding, sorting or lodgement documents.
  • Always print the correct amount for the mail being sent
  • Access all discounts from Australia Post
  • Keep your postage secure and monitored at all times.
  • Pay for ‘Standard Mail’, ‘Express Post’, ‘Airmail’ and ‘Satchels’ all from the comfort of your office.
  • Use the ‘Express Post’ service on any plain Envelope, Parcel, or Satchel.
  • Calculate the cost of any item using a Postage Meter.
  • Save 20c on Every Parcel You Send.
  • Save 12c per letter by utilising Australia Posts ‘Clean Mail’ service.

Many businesses can enjoy the numerous benefits of using postage meters in Australia. The automated machine is an effortless way to get your mail ready to post in any street post box, and there is no minimum volume requirement. You can avoid barcodes, sorting, or lodging documents, and you’ll guarantee always to print the correct postage amount for the mail you want to send.

You can enjoy getting your mail ready and paying for your post from the comfort and convenience of your office with standard, express, airmail, and satchel options readily available at the touch of a button. Your postage will remain secure, and you can readily monitor your usage and expenditure anytime. A postage meter can also give you access to various discounts from Australia Post.

Meter Postage Machine for Every Business Type

The Postbase postage meter is the world’s first fully adaptable meter that you can readily customise to suit your business requirements.

  • The basic Postbase 30 machine can purchase postage, report ink levels, service issues, and data usage remotely. With animated instructions, one-button operation, and a full-colour touch screen, using the Postbase postage meter is a simple and convenient experience.
  • If you expand your business or require higher specifications, you can adapt the Postbase to include an automatic envelope feeder and add software services such as accounts, cost centres, logos, postage scale capacity, text messages, and more. You can easily access the software upgrade online when you need to expand your meter to handle high volumes.
  • You can calculate the ‘Express Post’ service on any plain envelope, parcel, or satchel and pair it with free express post tracking labels from your local Australia Post business centre. You can save your business 20 cents per parcel and 12 cents per letter by utilising the ‘Clean Mail’ service.

Postage Meters for a Small Business

If you run a small business and only send a few standard letters daily, you can still enjoy the convenience and ease of a postage meter with the Postbase Mini. You can readily calculate national and international postage costs for letters and small packages with the integrated two-kg scale that weighs with gram precision. The quiet and reliable machine offers various features, including:

  • Fast and reliable postage imprinting for up to 20 letters per minute.
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation. Select a product, place the letter or small package on the scale and then the correct postage cost will appear on the screen.
  • Customisable scale colour so you can select the ideal Postbase mini to suit your style or office space.
  • Most Australia post products can be processed via a postage meter and then dropped into any post box, eliminating the need to travel to a post office.

Quality Postage Meters in Australia

We have more than 30 years of experience providing exceptional service and quality postage meters to businesses in a wide range of industries. Our professional and knowledgeable team can assist you in finding the ideal product to suit your requirements.

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